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Adhear Cerumen Guard

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Manufacturer: Hearing Components
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Cerumen (earwax) is the single greatest cause of hearing instrument failure. As hearing health professionals, we know that all healthy ears continuously make wax, oils and skin debris, technically called cerumen. It is correct to say that cerumen is a real friend of your ears. It keeps them from becoming too dry and protects against infection. Usually, any extra cerumen migrates to the outside of the ear canal and is carried away unnoticed. However, a hearing aid in the canal entrance blocks the cerumen that tends to accumulate in the hearing aid speaker tube. This makes cerumen the #1 enemy of your hearing aid. Adhear and Adhear Plus Cerumen Guards can help prevent hearing instrument cerumen repairs.

Adhear disposable guards stick firmly, like a "Band-Aid," to a clean, dry hearing aid, protecting the sound bore. Adhear is designed for hearing aid wearers with normal cerumen production; not for use with CIC instruments. Adhear Plus is designed for patients with oily, runny cerumen. Designed to be used for CIC instruments. Can also be used for ITE and all types of hearing instruments.
  • Effective in keeping cerumen and debris out of a hearing device.
  • Easy for patients to use.
  • Acoustically transparent.
  • Helps prevent expensive repairs.
  • 10 guards per package.
  • Adhear, 3 sizes available, and Adhear Plus, 3 sizes available.

  • Adhear and Adhear Plus are not recommended if a patient practices poor ear hygiene, has a draining ear, uses ear drops, ointments, lotions, salves or sprays in the ear canal, or the instrument shell is soft.
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