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Comply Canal Tips

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Manufacturer: Hearing Components
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  • Use Canal Tips for comfortable and easy-to-fit BTE demonstrations.
  • These disposable, soft, slow recovery foam tips are also ideal as loaner earmolds.
  • Slow recovery foam that conforms to the ear canal at body temperature.
  • Threaded Sound Tube Adapters (available separately) connect Canal Tips to the BTE instrument.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Comfortable, hygienic.
  • Helps control feedback.
  • Available in 3 sizes (Standard, Slim and Short) and 5 venting options (0-4).
  • 1 Vent indicates the smallest vent and 4 Vent indicates the largest vent, 0 Vent indicates no vent.
  • 12 Canal Tips per package.
  • Please specify size and venting option.
  • Sound Tube Adapters available separately.

  • Do not overtighten when screwing Canal Tip onto Sound Tube Adapter or tip may come off in the ear.
  • Do not use a canal tip in more than one ear.
  • Do not wash canal tips.

  • Professional Fitting System also available.
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