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Comply Snap Tips

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Manufacturer: Hearing Components
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  • A major breakthrough in delivering sound from a BTE to the ear canal.
  • Tan tips made of high-tech slow recovery foam that can replace a custom earmold.
  • Foam softens when it reaches body temperature to form an active seal in the ear canal.
  • Built-in cerumen filter is acoustically transparent.
  • Snaps easily onto Comply Earpieces (available separately).
  • Unsurpassed comfort and feedback control.
  • Cosmetically appealing.
  • Instant fit, no retubing.

  • Available in 3 thicknesses: 9mm (suitable for hearing loss up to 100dB), 6mm (suitable for hearing loss up to 65dB) and 3mm (suitable for low gain devices and open earmolds), and 6 diameters (10mm, 10mm Vented, 14mm, 14mm Vented, 16mm and 16mm Vented). Assortment packages available.
  • 10 Snap Tips per package.
  • When ordering Snap Tips, please specify thickness and diameter.
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