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Disposable Ear Curettes

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Manufacturer: Bionix
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  • Made of polypropylene, these ear curettes are as effective as metal curettes and virtually unbreakable.
  • Rounded tips reduce trauma and lessen the risk of lacerations.
  • Eliminate expensive and time-consuming sterilization and the risk of cross contamination with these disposable ear curettes.
  • Seven specially designed ear curettes available in quantities of one dozen each or mix and match one dozen.
  • Please select curette type.

  • White FlexLoop; all purpose curette designed for normal curettage in a variety of patients.
  • Blue InfantScoop; designed for smaller ears and may be used through an otoscope.
  • Green MicroLoop; more rigid in construction and designed to remove tough, impacted cerumen.
  • Red AngleLoop; angled tip to allow you to reach hard-to-get, tough cerumen common in older patients.
  • Yellow Ceraspoon; perfect for softer wax, especially in patients who produce excessive amounts of cerumen.
  • Purple VersaLoop; smooth flexible tip that gives the user exceptional control while offering the patient more comfort.
  • Orange ControLoop; bent tip which allows you to pull wax straight out of the ear canal.
  • Curettes sold by the DOZEN
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