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Duracell EasyTab Hearing Aid Batteries

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Manufacturer: Duracell
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Duracell EasyTab, the world's first easy-to-replace hearing aid battery. With their innovative tab design, Duracell EasyTab batteries are easy to store, grip, and insert in your hearing aid, and they work up to 30% longer than previous Duracell hearing aid batteries.

The unique, patent-pending tabs are color-coded based on battery size. The brightly-colored tabs also make each battery easy to see-even by people with limited vision, and even if the battery is dropped on the floor.

No more fumbling with circular battery cases: easy-to-grip tabs make each Duracell EasyTab battery easy to remove from its packaging and insert into your hearing aid. Once it has been successfully inserted, simply remove the tab to activate the battery.

Designed for convenience and durability, Duracell EasyTab packaging is portable, compact and lightweight so you can discreetly bring spare batteries anywhere.

Freshness dating ensures that you get long-lasting power from every battery.

Every Fifth Carton Duracell Batteries FREE!
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Batteries per card (#10, #13, #312): 4, cards per carton: 10, batteries per carton: 40.
Batteries per card (#675): 6, cards per carton: 10, batteries per carton: 60.

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  • #13
  • #312
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